About Andrew

Dr Andrew Walker is the co-founder and co-Executive Chairman of Aspen Medical Pty Ltd.

Andrew founded Aspen Medical in 2003, with business partner, and life long friend, Glenn Keys, to provide outsourced health solutions for Government and other large Organisations. Today, Aspen Medical is a highly successful International Company employing some 2200 personnel in Australia, the Pacific, West Africa, the Middle East, the UK and the USA.

Aspen Medical began its life by assisting the NHS (UK & NI) in reducing surgical waiting lists from 2003. The company currently provides all medical and surgical services to Australia’s peace-keeping forces in the Solomon Islands and previously in East Timor (the company famously saving the life of President Ramos Horta). Aspen Medical also provides on-base healthcare to all 52 Defence sites across Australia. Aspen Medical has also supported Australian and British forces in Afghanistan. It also provides aero-medical evacuation services to the off-shore Oil and Gas industry in Australia and West Africa, medical clinics in Liberia, Sierra Leone and PNG and is the largest provider of Indigenous healthcare to the Australian Government.

In 2010, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Government, Aspen Medical set up the National Ambulance Company (now known as National Ambulance) to provide ambulance services to the forces that protect the oil fields and establishments of the UAE. This service was so successful that in 2015 it was expanded to provide ambulance services for the general population of the entire UAE (with the exception of Dubai). Aspen Medical used this experience to set up a private ambulance service in Texas, USA.

In 2014 and 2015, as Executive Chairman, Andrew led Aspen Medical in the development of the Australian Government’s response to the West Africa Ebola crisis by setting up the most successful Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Sierra Leone, as well as four additional ETUs on behalf of the US Government in Liberia and another on behalf of the UK Government in Sierra Leone.

Business Review Weekly (BRW Fast 100, October 2007) placed Aspen Medical as the fastest growing company in Australia in 2007; in 2008 Aspen Medical was named Australia’s “Coolest Company” and in 2009, “Australian Private Business of the Year”. In addition, Aspen Medical has won multiple for exporting including National Exporter of the Year (Small to Medium Business Category Winner) in 2011 and National Health and Biotechnology Exporter of the Year 2013.  In 2015, the company won the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Overseas Humanitarian Aid Project of the Year.

In 1998, prior to founding Aspen Medical, Andrew started Matrix Healthcare Pty Ltd, a national, vertically integrated healthcare business around the diagnosis and treatment of Skin Cancer before selling to IPN (a Division of Sonic Healthcare Ltd).

Andrew is a ‘serial entrepreneur’ having started some 10 businesses including being a Founding Director of ASX listed Resonance Healthcare Ltd and Ritract Ltd. From 2006 to 2010 he was founding Chairman of Generic Health Pty Ltd a provider of generic pharmaceuticals which was successfully sold to Indian multinational, Lupin Pharmaceutical Inc. In 2007 he helped found and became Chairman of Flexicar Pty Ltd, a disruptive car share business which was later sold to Hertz International. From 2008 to 2011 he was a Founding Director at investment bank, Wingate Group.

In 2014 Andrew was inducted into EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Global Hall of Fame. In October 2016, EY named Dr Andrew Walker and Glenn Keys the 2016 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year.

Andrew is the Past-Chairman of the Melbourne Chapter of the Young Presidents Organisation. He has graduate and postgraduate qualifications in Medicine and Medical Science from Newcastle University and on graduation won the AMA Prize for 1986. In 2015 he was appointed a Conjoint Professor of Practice at the Newcastle University’s School of Medicine. He also has a MBA from The University of Melbourne. Andrew won the University of Newcastle Alumni Award 2016 for National Leadership.

In 2010, with business partner Glenn Keys, Andrew founded the Aspen Foundation, a charity aimed at improving the health of Australia’s Indigenous communities. The Aspen Foundation has targeted its efforts at helping to eradicate trachoma and Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) from the Aboriginal community and has formed strategic alliances with the Fred Hollows Foundation and One Disease at a Time.

Before starting his business career, Andrew was as officer in the Australian Army in Australia’s elite parachute regiment. Andrew’s hobbies include flying (Power and Soaring), classic cars and reading.